My Yard is Wildlife Friendly! How Can I Get it Certified as a Sanctuary?

Not only can your garden be bird friendly, but your whole town can be as well!

Thanks for caring about native animals and plants! There are two different ways that you can get your backyard habitat recognized as a Wildlife/Bird Sanctuary.

  1. PA Audubon Bird Habitat Recognition Program
    1. Property Owners with Audubon Society –> For Bird Sanctuary
    2. The right hand side of the page includes many helpful links such as the application/registration, FAQ, Healthy Habitat email sign ups, and Success Stories!
    3. You will need to determine the percentage of native trees and shrubs on your property (need at least 20% of native species), a BCAS staff member (if near your area) would be happy to come and help you to identify your tree and shrub species.
  2. National Wildlife Federation Wildlife Garden Certification
    2. This program is similar to the PA Audubon program; however it requires a slightly more extensive habitat as more than just birds need to be provided for.
    3. The link provided takes you to a page that lists the garden/yard requirements. At the bottom of the page there is a little green button that says “Certify”. Click there to create an account to set up your application!
      1. Throughout the application process, the National Wildlife Federation will give you some suggestions and ideas to make the best garden possible for the wildlife.

Not only can you as an individual create a great habitat for birds, but your town can also become a certified sanctuary through being a Bird Town! Bird Town is a partnership between the Audubon Society and various municipalities that are created to increase conservation and create a sustainable environment for birds and people. In order to have your town become a Bird Town, an application must be submitted and then the Audubon Society will provide schools, businesses and residents some information on how to be more ecologically-friendly through energy, environmental, and wildlife conservation!

There are 9 of these specialized towns in Bucks County alone as of 2014! Thank you to Newtown Township, Lower Makefield, Doylestown Borough, Doylestown Township, Solebury, Falls Township, Springfield Township, New Britain Borough, and Morrisville Borough for committing to becoming a greener town for people and animals!

Here are some great links to use as resources!

Creating Bird Friendly Communities with the National Audubon Society

DIYs for the Backyard Habitats and Living Sustainably


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