Winter is fast approaching. Should I change what seeds I feed the birds?

cynthia bird seedshed
Just as our diets change with the seasons (lemonade to hot chocolate!), so do bird diets! Make sure that your feathered friends are kept happy by properly feeding them through out winter.


Many people want to keep the feathered friends around during the winter and if you’re one of those people, you’re in good company! The US Fish and Wildlife Service estimates over 55 million Americans do!

There are many locations to get your bird seed from. They can range from your local grocery stores, to PetSmart and other pet centers, to specialty places like Bucks County Audubon Society’s Bird Seed Shed! No matter where you’re buying your Wild Bird Seed from, you need to be aware of the ingredients in the mix.

This information is usually on the back of the bag of seed and looks something like:

 Ingredients: Grain Products, Sunflower, Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min)… 7.5% Crude Fat (min)… 5.5% Crude Fiber (max)… 7.0% Moisture (max)… 12.5%

As the winter months come, the bird’s caloric requirements go up, so feeding the birds seeds that are higher in calories is an important step in keeping your resident birds happy and healthy! Providing mixes with a higher concentration of Black Oil Sunflower seeds or a Suet block will keep the birds around even when the temperature gets colder. Many bird species eat it and stay in your yard for when insect eating season returns!

Some other birds aren’t looking for seeds, but for other food sources. A good way to keep these picky eaters around is by offering fruits such as water softened raisins, cranberries, and apple or orange slices. Robins, waxwings, blue birds and other thrushes will be very thankful that you thought of them! As another alternative to seeds, many birds will be more than happy to help eat your holiday leftovers! Throwing the seeds of extra pumpkins and squash is great way to get rid of old holiday food and to keep the birds fed.

If you are near the New Hope/Solebury area, let the Bucks County Audubon Society fill all of your bird seed needs! We keep a supply of seeds like Black Oil, Nyjer, High Energy Suet Cakes, and Audubon Special Mix, among many more!

Here’s where we are:

2877 Creamery Rd. New Hope PA, 18938

Here are some helpful resources for you to check out!

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