Whether you're looking for Brook, Brown, or Rainbow, Trout fishing can be exciting! Find out how to get a license, when stockings are scheduled, and more about trout behavior here!

Brookies, Brownies, and Rainbows – What are these? In-season Trout!

Looking to get your fishing license, find a trout stocking location, or wondering why trout fishing is just so much fun?
You might not catch Trout in the pond at Bucks County Audubon Society, but catch-and-release fishing is allowed! Our Summer Campers enjoy their time out on our docks.


Happy start of Regional Trout Fishing Season! Yes, that season has come around again. April 2nd marked the start of Trout season in the Bucks County and surrounding region. On April 16th, Trout season will start statewide!

This is an exciting time for those that love the outdoors, water, and fishing!  Many areas have already seen their lakes and rivers get stocked with trout, but for those that have yet to see this exciting event, check out this link from the PA Fish and Boat Commission to find out when the next stocking near you will happen!

So why is trout fishing so exciting? After all, there are many different fish species that live in the waters around Bucks County that can be caught. The Delaware River, the largest river that flows through the Bucks County region, offers fish such as the large/smallmouth bass, muskellunge, pike and walleye. Other smaller lakes such as Lake Nockamixon, Lake Towhee, Lake Galena, and Levittown Lake offers fish such as panfish, largemouth bass and bluegills. In these areas, trout, like the brook, brown and rainbow trout, are all stocked (added to the water body by humans) seasonally and usually become a large event. Families will go to the scheduled trout stocking location and watch as the large fish get dumped into the river to later be caught up by enthusiastic fishermen.

There are several behaviors that trout display that may make them an exciting catch for anglers of all experience levels. They mainly congregate around the edges of lakes, making them easier to catch for those that may not have a boat to get out to deeper waters. Trout are predators, so if you are using baitfish such as Nightcrawlers, worms, Salmon eggs, and minnows for the larger trout, you have a great chance of watching the Trout chase after your bait until they catch it. This can be a fun game for anglers to watch as it is easier to see in the clearer, shallower portions of the lake. Smaller trout are fans of water insects and can often be seen skimming the surface in search of snacks. When they’re not in search of food, they can be seen holding their position, even in flowing water, proving how strong they are. When they’re feeling more active, you can watch trout jumping, in a manner similar to dolphins. All of these behaviors tend to make fishing more active and interesting for young and old alike!

In order to catch some of these exciting fish, you must purchase a license from the Fish and Boat Commission. Most bait shops or sporting goods stores can help you acquire one, or you can simply go to the Fish and Boat Commission website and get one online. You will also need a trout permit which will be printed on your license. Again, this permit can be acquired through the Fish and Boat Commission. Once you get your license and permit, you can catch anywhere in the state, allowing you to experience different bodies of water and what each one has to offer.

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Get Your Fishing License Here!


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