Our Environmental Education programs span all ages, social situations, and genders! We believe that environmental education is for everyone! Donate today to help support our programs!

What moments can you help make happen here at BCAS?

As a non-profit organization that strives to get children and their families out and discovering in nature, your generous support is what makes moments like this happen!
As a non-profit organization that strives to get children and their families out and discovering in nature, your generous support is what makes moments like this happen!

Do you wonder what exactly we do at our desks all day? Well, we aren’t often at them, actually! As an environmental education organization, we are constantly working to bring kids and their families into nature and giving them a new appreciation for the outdoors!

Does this sound like a worthy cause? We think so! You can help us to reach more students and families by donating today, but first let me tell you a story about what your donation could do!

For a while, we had stopped running summer camps. When we were able to start again after many years, a young girl who had just moved from halfway across the country registered for the camp. She knew no one, was unfamiliar with the area, and didn’t have any friends yet, but she loved nature and was excited about taking part in the camp. During that week of summer camp as they explored and discovered Honey Hollow, she became fast friends with another girl in her group.  The girls soon discovered that they would be in the same class once school started! To this day they are best friends and participate in many of our children and family programs together.

Did that not warm your heart enough yet?

One child in our weekly Pre-School Explorers class routinely asks her grandmother that brings her, “Is it an Audubon Day?” She is always so excited to come and learn about nature from our great teachers and get outside! She has brought her newfound knowledge back home with her and loves teaching her mom all about what she learned. Even though we are targeting the Pre-Schoolers during those classes, they have a magnificent ability to recall what they have learned and share it with their friends and the rest of their families, effectively spreading their love and curiosity about nature with so many others!

Another mother that brings her two children to Pre-School Explorers has noticed that the behavior of the children has improved from their weekly outings into nature. These children are receiving so many of the benefits of being in nature as they get outside and discover all that the world holds!

Not all children have the opportunity to explore and learn in nature, so we work to be able to provide free programming to schools in low-income areas. These students get so excited to be in a place that they don’t normally have access to in their neighborhoods! They love discovering all of what our property holds from insects, to mammals, to habitats, to creeks and streams! Here at Bucks County Audubon Society, we believe that quality environmental education is for everyone!

Discovery – It’s what we’re all about. All of our education program are inquiry based and teach important science topics that are age appropriate. This encourages children to not just see, but actually understand what they’re observing. We encourage interaction and questions.  We want to give children (and the adults that come with them) the opportunity to touch, feel, and create. We absolutely love when a child picks up an object and shows their parents! The child’s enthusiasm is passed to the parents who then bring their child to more events and perhaps even changes the way things are done at home to be more environmentally friendly and more active in nature.

Every time one of these discovery moments happens and a child’s life is impacted, you can be assured that you helped to do that! Your generous support keeps our environmental education programs going year round and allows us to target all ages and social groups! Help to make these moments happen by donating today at http://www.bcas.org/get-involved!


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