Get Out! (Outside, that is!)


Summer is here. After a relatively cool spring, we’ve put Memorial Day and now July Fourth behind us and moved full-on into summer. In Bucks County that likely means that it is hot, humid, and buggy. But why should you let that get in the way of getting out of the house and into the outdoors? Summer is prime time to enjoy so much of what nature has to offer. From gardens to trails, flowers to… yes insects, there is so much for us to see just by stepping through the door and in Bucks County we are lucky to have so many choices of places to go once we get out. We are fortunate to have miles of tow
path to walk on either side of the Delaware, several local and state parks, and let’s not forget the Delaware River itself.

Get out in the morning and beat the heat, the trails are still quiet, and many animals are just becoming active and warming themselves in the sun. Morning is a great time to spot reptiles sunning themselves on rocks and logs. Morning is also when you’ll find one summers noisiest creatures feeling sunlight for the first time… the cicada. Check around the trunks of trees to find this mysterious summer singer as it emerges from its dusty exoskeleton and dries its newly formed wings before flying off to join the summer chorus in the tree tops above. In the evenings get out to the meadow and enjoy the show as fireflies rise above the grasses, blinking on and off as they search for a mate. Look to the evening sky as bats come out in search of food. Like them or not, these much-needed little mammals eat the very bugs that we find so annoying! Keep looking up! Warm summer nights are a great time to look beyond what is below our feet. Summer brings the Perseid Meteor shower which begins around July 17th and peaks around the 12th of August. Many other celestial bodies are visible as well, with Jupiter being quite spectacular this year.

Go on, get out and experience the outdoors this summer! Come visit us at Bucks County Audubon, our trails are open daily from sunup to sundown and our Education Center is open Monday through Friday 9-4. Come say hi or visit one of these other great places where you can get out!

Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve
Ralph Stover Park
Ringing Rocks
Tyler State Park



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