Capture the Sun: The Capital Campaign for Solar

Can you picture our roof covered with solar panels? We can! Help Bucks Audubon Capture the Sun through our 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign.

Bucks County Audubon Society (Bucks Audubon) is committed to 100% clean, renewable, and just energy for all communities. Clean sources of energy, with lower environmental impact than conventional energy technology and that will not run out, save dollars now and long into our children’s future.

Every day we realize the impact of our changing climate. The news carries stories of wildfires, extreme temperatures, hurricanes, droughts, and tornadoes. Political and economic crises have debates about energy imports and energy investment costs at their core. The nature and wildlife that has provided humans with all that is needed to survive has been threatened. 50 years ago, a group of citizens came together to address concerns about our environment. That coming together resulted in the birth of Bucks Audubon. 50 years later, Bucks Audubon is again demonstrating its leadership with the installation of a solar array on the organization’s education center that will harness the energy from the sun and convert it to electricity, covering 100% of the organization’s energy needs. Paired with other energy efficiencies, Bucks Audubon anticipates a savings of $10,000 per year on utilities.

Why now? Demand for renewable energy has never been higher. Bucks Audubon is echoing and embracing the Ready for 100 pledge, celebrating this 50th anniversary by leading the effort to bring renewable energy to Bucks County. Today is the day to commit to the future.

Based on feasibility studies and research, we estimate that the total cost of this project will be $100,000. Please, join Bucks Audubon in this commitment to a healthier environment, now and for future generations, rooted in renewable energy. Celebrate 50 years of environmental leadership. Your financial contribution today gets all of us closer to 100% clean, renewable, and just energy for all communities. Please, make a gift today and Capture the Sun!

Ready for 100% clean, renewable, and just energy? Please, make your gift today by donating here.

Solar Campaign Postcard


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