5 Eco-Resolutions for Your New Year

As the new year approaches, take some time to think about your climate accomplishments from this year and your climate resolutions for  the new year! At Bucks Audubon we had several climate accomplishments that we are very proud of this year:

  • Educating children and adults about Climate Change and Renewable Energy with our Earth Day Solar Energy Panel Discussion, Solar Tour, and Climate Change and Birds program (see image below).
  • Promoting the planting of Native Plants with the Newtown Pop-Up Garden and planting 240 native plants along our stream at Honey Hollow.
  • Installing energy efficient windows and improved insulation in our education center.
Students participated in an activity highlighting the importance of trees in sequestering carbon dioxide produced by buildings.

We are also extremely excited about the upcoming year! Our climate resolutions include completing our Capture the Sun campaign and installing a solar array on the education center! We can’t wait to see our carbon footprint shrink.

What are your resolutions? Need some ideas – How about one of these five resolutions?

  1. Tell Your Climate Story: Research shows that discussing climate change with friends and family reinforces that the crisis is real. To truly connect, share a personal story: Talk about a favorite place at risk, for example, or changes to the species at your feeder.
  2. Give Your Home an Energy Overhaul: Our abodes can be wildly inefficient. Request an energy audit to see how yours can be improved. Projects like adding insulation and filling cracks and gaps can reduce home energy use by 20 percent or more.
  3. Choose Native Plants: Even small yards can combat climate change and at the same time provide precious habitat. First, tear up any turf. Then, plant species native to your region, which require less water and offer birds more bugs.
  4. Become a Low-Carbon Traveler: Travel produces nearly a third of U.S. greenhouse gases. Resolve to skip short car trips and build habits around public transit. And when you fly, purchase carbon offsets through certified programs.
  5. Write a Letter to the Editor: There are few better ways to raise awareness than by writing a letter to the editor. Pick a local newspaper and tell your climate story. Keep your message short, stick to one point, and don’t forget to have it proofread

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