Spring – The Season for Frogs!

How many species of frogs and toads do you think we have here in Southeastern PA? 5? 10? Nope, according to the website PAherps.com there are a whopping (hopping?) 17 species that can be found in Pennsylvania, some of which are endangered. Additionally, not all are common or easy to find. The ones we see most often are green frogs, bullfrogs, pickerel frogs and American toads but we also have grey tree frogs, spring peepers and wood frogs found on site. In Pennsylvania, neither frogs nor toads have tails when fully grown and they are the only amphibians without them.

What’s the difference between a frog and a toad? Here’s a fun little quiz you can take to test your knowledge of these interesting amphibians:

frog quiz

One of the defining sounds of spring in Bucks County is when the frogs start to sing. It’s usually the males that vocalize and they do it for several reasons: to attract a mate, to warn of danger and to defend territory. When they start to call is dependent upon both the species and the weather. If the weather is right, some may start as early as February and other species may continue calling through August. The earliest frogs to start calling here are wood frogs and spring peepers; with a little practice they can easily be distinguished from one another. The wood frog call is often described as a quack or a creaky door. It is often heard in the daytime.

wood frog_mgf
This wood frog was found on our Pond Trail here at Bucks Audubon!

Our other early frog is the spring peeper, its call is often described as a high pitched trill. It is most often heard and is loudest at night.Listen here!

To learn more about these critters and to hear more sounds, come out on our annual evening frog walk, this year on April 24. Register in advance here.


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