Day 4 – Animal Homes

As we finish up our first week of science and nature with Mom, I’m excited that my daughter has gotten into the activities more and is even suggesting what she would like to do. Today she asked if we could look where animals live in our neighborhood!

animal homes-stacy day4

We had a great time looking in all of the big trees for wholes, nests for birds, squirrels, and hornets, and even a hole in the ground. It also gave us the chance to talk about what might start building nests soon, birds! Spring is changing everything so quickly, and it has been a lot of fun just looking to see how things are changing day to day.

Some other things to try as we learn about animal homes:

nest - stacy day 4
Leafy nests way up high are often squirrel nests, sometimes called Dreys.
  • Build a bird nest box! You can buy a kit or try to build you own bird box. Check out Cornell’s site for plans. You can also find great resources through Cornell for monitoring both nest boxes and feeders.
  • Build a toad abode! If a nest box is a bit much for your time or skills, perhaps something to help out the amphibians that probably call your backyard home. Check out this blog post on building a home for toads.
  • Brush piles as shelter! Another great option for creating habitat for wildlife is to make a brush pile in your yard. It is also a great activity for active kids! Pick a spot in the yard, remember this probably won’t be pretty so choose an out of the way location. Then have the kids gather up all of the sticks and branches that have been falling all winter and put them in a pile. You want to pile to be loose and mounded for the best shelter.

– Written by Stacy Carr-Poole, Executive Director at Bucks Audubon


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