Day 7 – Bird Watching

Okay, I have to admit that I’m not very good at identifying birds. I know most of the common birds by sight and a few by their calls, but in general I’m not a good birder. Yes, I know that I run an Audubon center, but luckily, I know a lot of other important stuff. So when my daughter suggested that we go bird watching, I was a little bit nervous. But we set out with our binoculars to see what we could see.

Bucks Audubon is a great spot to bird-watch! Bring your binoculars out on the trail with you or stop by our bird-blind.

The great thing about birds is that they are everywhere! Even in our suburban/urban neighborhood, we saw a lot of birds, and heard even more. Only a few got close enough that we could really watch them with our binoculars, but we did get some great viewing time with a pair of crows. We also decided that we should take the binoculars with us each time we go out, just in case we see something. My daughter also thinks that we should set up some bird feeders in our yard so that we can watch them from the house. A good idea, I’m sure the squirrels will love it!

Some other fun things to do with birds:


  • No binoculars, no problem! You can bird watch with naked eye, and sometimes with is even better with young children who have a hard time using binoculars. If you have young kids and want to help them focus, try using two toilet paper rolls to make a simple pair of binoculars. They will help kids by limiting their viewing area and focusing their observations.
  • Set up feeders and birdseed in your backyard! More information here on the different types of feeds, seed, and the birds they attract.
  • Birds are also great for citizen/community science! National Audubon has a great program for hummingbirds that might be great for you!

-Written by Stacy Carr-Poole, Executive Director at Bucks Audubon


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