Day 8 – Birding from the Bathroom Window


When we went outside specifically to look for birds, we didn’t see very many. Perhaps because of the time of day (mornings are best for bird watching), or that we made too much noise. So I was really surprised today to look out of the bathroom window (as I was washing my hands for the 10 Billionth time) and saw tons of birds in our backyard! To not scare them away by opening the back door, my daughter and I just watched them from the window. We saw a male and female cardinal flying from tree to tree, we saw house sparrows collecting strips of bark from a dead tree branch (probably for their nest), doves foraging in the grass, and little juncos just hanging out on the porch roof.

Sometimes the best thing about nature is the unexpected things that happen! These teachable moments are a treasure and it is so important to give them the time they deserve. And don’t be afraid if you don’t know all of the answers. These moments often teach us as well!

Backyard birding and birds in spring ideas:

Annotation 2020-04-09 091805

  • Look it’s a LBB (little brown bird)! Bird ID is not always easy but there are some great resources out there. All About Birds and iNaturalist can help
  • Birds are starting to build nests and are looking for things to put in them. Different birds use different materials, for instance robins use a lot of mud to hold their nests together and chickadees love to use moss. Check out this website for more info on the different types of nests.
  • Collect materials to put outside for the birds to use in their nests! Remember to use natural materials, not things that could hurt the birds if eaten, consider things such as hair from your brush, dog fur, cotton or other natural fiber yarns, etc. You can leave these in a pile on a tree branch or bundle them together and hang from a branch. You would be amazed at what birds will use!



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