Day 9 – Jane Goodall & Squirrels

March is Women’s History Month and my daughter has been working on a report on Jane Goodall. This was not her first choice, but I suggested that the singer she wanted to do hadn’t really done very much. I also think Jane Goodall is one of the coolest women out there! If you don’t know much about her and her work as a scientist and conservationist, I recommend watching the National Geographic documentary Jane(you can watch it on Disney+)

squirrel blog 3
Watching squirrels can be so much fun! They are amazing little acrobats and it can be fun to follow them to observe their  food cache-ing behavior.

My daughter has been learning about how Jane Goodall revolutionized the way we study wildlife, by going into the jungle with nothing but a notebook and binoculars to watch chimpanzees. So, we decided that it would be fun to observe our most common local animals, which in our neighborhood means squirrels. So, as we take our daily walks, we have been watching the different squirrels, seeing if we can tell the difference between the different squirrels in the neighborhood (which is very hard to do), and watching their different behaviors (mostly running away from us and up a tree). But we are having a good time.

Cool things about observing wildlife:

  • If you can’t go outside to watch wildlife try one of these great options here.
  • Some tips for wildlife observation in your backyard and neighborhood here.
  • Journals can be a great way to get your kids writing while they are observing. Here are some great tips for setting up a journal.

squirrel blog2


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