Get Out and Explore!

There are few things that make me as happy as I am when I am outside exploring. There is the freedom of being outside and always the chance that adventure is just around the corner. As a kid I would spend most of my time outside playing and wandering around our small backyard. I was always keeping a watch on what was going on; who was flying about, what was crawling along the ground or above in the branches.

Do you go out and explore? Do you like to observe the things around your yard too? Have you tried lately? Now is a great time to get outside, we’ve all been stuck indoors and could use some fresh air and this is the time of year that things start waking up and becoming active. Get out and see what you can find.

What is it like when you go outside at home, do you have a large or a small yard?

Do you live in a wooded area?

Have a flower or vegetable garden?

Whatever you have get out and explore it! Look around bushes, climb a tree and see who else is hanging out there. Look under logs or rocks or whatever you have laying around and see if anyone is hiding out. Remember, we are always careful with what we’ve found! Once you know it’s safe carefully scoop it up into your hand or on to something that allows you a good look. Most importantly, always return your find to where you found it, try your hardest to leave it as you found it.

We’d love to see what you find no matter what season it is! Share a picture or story with us on our social media (Facebook) (Instagram) and use #BucksAudubon for a chance to be featured!



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