Reducing Consumption of Single-Use Plastics

For the last several years, I have chosen one main goal per year to help reduce my carbon footprint and to try to be more environmentally responsible. I know one goal seems a bit lame, but it was realistic and seemed more achievable than doing a bunch at once. So, I’m happy to say that I’ve been successful with this one goal per year focus ranging from changing out all our lightbulbs to LEDs, to stop using plastic water bottles entirely, to using renewable bags for shopping and stop using single use plastics and to even installing solar to meet our electric needs.

Unfortunately, though the pandemic had derailed my use of renewable shopping bags. Early on at the start of the pandemic, many stores were not allowing renewable shopping bags from home to be used. As that rule relaxed, I still was concerned of picking up the virus at the store and bringing it home. I had no way to really thoroughly disinfect my bags, so I sadly started using plastic single use bags again. A pile started accumulating in my garage and I felt defeated.

Inspired by Nancy’s blog, I started wondering how I could change this around. I sorted through all my grocery bags and found an old string bag from years ago that I had bought and used in Germany, when I lived there. Yes, why not use bags that are machine washable! So, I purchased several different types of fun and colorful washable bags online. Also, a birthday gift of two cloth produce bags reminded me that I had bought some reusable produce bags from Net Zero Company earlier last year and dug them out again as well to use.

Now, after unloading groceries, I simply throw the bags in the laundry and hang them to dry. This is important so they don’t shrink, as the first one came out of dryer half the size.

I’m happy to report that I’m back on track!

Here are some sites to make shopping easy for you:

Reusable Bags on Amazon

NetZero Eco-Friendly Products

Vegetable Bags on Amazon

EcoBags Reusable Shopping & Veggie Bags

Written by Guest Blogger, Heidi Shiver


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