Kids Corner: Upcycled Winter Bird Feeder

Did you know that as the seasons change, so do the diets of birds? In the spring, many birds are starting to switch their winter diet to insects as the little critters start emerging. In the summer, berries, flower seeds, and insects are plentiful. Then, as the fall approaches, many flowers and trees are starting to go dormant and the birds have MANY seeds to eat… BUT… there are no new flowers blooming, so their seed sources start to dwindle as winter approaches. While there are many seeds and fruits still around (think holly berries, winterberry, seeds from pine cones, juniper berries, and others), competition can be fierce to get those seeds first!

We can help birds out this winter by setting seed out in feeders for them to supplement their natural diet. Who doesn’t appreciate a free snack?! Don’t have a feeder to put out? Fortunately, it’s really easy to create your own out of things you put in the recycling bin! Not only will you be able to reduce your household waste by reusing and upcycling used juice/milk cartons, but you’ll also be able to provide a great feeder resource for birds!

All you need is:

  1. Cardboard juice/milk carton
  2. Hole Puncher
  3. String
  4. Hot Glue
  5. Dowel Rod
  6. Box Cutter (Scissors work too)
  7. Birdseed


  1. Wash out the carton and draw a door on the outside. This door will be cut out and where birds can get their seed from.
  2. Below the cut out door, punch a hole and insert the dowel rod. You may need to reinforce it with hot glue. This will be where the bird is able to perch while choosing their seedy snack.
  3. Punch a hole in the top and add string so you can hang your feeder!
  4. Decorate your feeder and make sure it’s weather-proof!
  5. Choose which seed to fill your feeder with. Click here for more information about which seeds attract which birds.
  6. Fill the feeder and pick a place to hang it!

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