Kid’s Corner: Build your own Butterfly Watering Station!

Butterflies, bees, and other pollinators need to drink just like you and me! They are much smaller than we are though, with little mouths that are close to the ground. When they need a drink they have to go somewhere shallow where they can take a sip without getting their wings wet. They especially like places with dirt or rotting vegetation, because there they can also absorb nutrients and vitamins with their drink!  

Butterflies at a watering station.

We will be learning to make a butterfly watering station to help provide butterflies and other pollinators a good water source in your yard! 


  • An old recycled lid or small, shallow dish 
  • Various interesting rocks or pebbles 
  • Water 
  • *Optional* some old vegetables or dirt 

Rinse off your old lid to make sure there is no old food residue on it, then place your rocks in the lid where you want them. You can space out the rocks or cover the whole bottom of the lid, up to you! If you are using dirt, put the dirt in first and place the rocks on top. If you are adding old veggies or fruit you can place them next to the rocks. Fill the lid the rest of the way with just a little bit of water. Now you can find it a nice spot near some flowers in your yard and let the butterflies enjoy! Remember to refill it with water on occasion and replace the old fruits and veggies if you added them! 

A finished watering station for butterflies and other pollinators.

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