Bucks County Audubon Society offers a place to purchase see to keep birds happy all year long with the proceeds benefiting our Environmental Education programs!

Seeds, seeds, and nothing but seeds! What have we got in our Bird Seed Shed?

Our bird seed shed is fully stocked and will meet your feeding needs! Keep those birds happy !
Our bird seed shed is fully stocked and will meet your feeding needs! Keep those birds happy!


Did you know that there is more than one type of birdseed out there to feed your feathered friends? In fact, did you know that Bucks County Audubon Society has a self-service Birdseed Shed filled with over 10 different varieties? Each of these seeds attracts different birds to the feeders, so if you’re interested in having some diversity in your backyard and wish to help birds find food, look no further than our Birdseed Shed for all of your seed needs!

One of the most common seed types is the Audubon Wild Bird Food Special Mix. This seed is very similar to the Conservation Mix, but it has more seed varieties in the mix while the Conservation mix has more fiber than the Special. While it may look like birds are only eating the Black Oil Sunflower out of the mix and tossing out the rest, don’t worry! Ground-feeding birds like Juncos and Sparrows absolutely love the Cracked Corn and Millet that the feeder birds throw away.

If you don’t like the look of the Cracked Corn and Millet on the ground, you may want to look into getting our Black Oil Sunflower seeds. This will attract any seed specialists like Cardinals, Chickadees, Grosbeaks, and some finches. We also provide shelled Sunflower seeds for those who don’t like looking at the hulls on the ground either. Without their protective hull, the seeds will rot faster, so only put out the needed amount to reduce waste! Squirrels may also go after this type of seed so you may want to put up some squirrel protection!

A type of seed that squirrels don’t seem all that interested in is the Safflower seed. Not only do they stay away from it, but Grackles and Starlings don’t like it either! This may be a good alternative to some other types of seeds that the squirrels go for if you are having a pest problem. Plus, Cardinals really love it!

The birds that will pick up the Cracked Corn off of the ground may appreciate seeds specifically spread out for them! If you are near a small pond and want to feed the waterfowl like ducks and geese, this is a good seed choice, but be aware that if the seeds are damp for too long, they will turn to mush, so only put out what will be eaten right away!

Not all birds though have beaks that are suited to break large seeds, so if you’re looking to attract tinier birds like Goldfinches (and many other finches) and siskins, stocking up on Nyjer Thistle is your best option. These birds are picky eaters though, and again won’t eat it if the seed has been out for too long, so only feed what will be eaten right away. Due to the small size of the seeds, a special Nyjer bird feeder must be used to ensure that the seeds don’t go to waste!

If you’re looking to attract some larger birds like woodpeckers, we have a couple of seeds that will be perfect for you! In fact, we have a special Woodpecker Blend that is comprised of peanuts, tree nuts, corn, sunflower chips, raisins, pumpkin seeds and dried cherries (that definitely sounds good enough for us to eat!). Simply getting a bag of our Peanut Splits will attract them as well.

While birds can be fed year round to encourage them to come to your backyard, they should definitely be fed in the winter! This cold season is a time when birds aren’t just a pretty backyard attraction; they are now animals that need your help! During the winter there are fewer food sources for the birds that choose not to migrate. This means that they must find other sources so that they can stay warm and happy all winter long! Providing suet blocks is a great way to do that. We have many varieties such as Peanut Butter, High Energy, Never Melt Insect Based and Never Melt Orange Based (Never Melts are great for the summer time!).

So stop on by and be a wildlife savior! Our Birdseed Shed, located at 2877 Creamery Rd. New Hope PA, 18938, will fill all of your bird feeding needs. Unfortunately, the cold weather of fall and winter is fast approaching, so there is no better time to make sure that your feeders are stocked!!!

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