Keep Environmental, Ecological and Agricultural Education in PA Schools

Pennsylvania needs strong environmental champions to address many challenges now, and in the future. In order to ensure that our environment supports our state’s people, wildlife, and economy we must tackle climate change head on and ensure that our natural infrastructure works for, not against, our continued health and prosperity.

Since 2002 there have been two sets of science standards for PA schools  – Science and Technology, and Environment, Ecology and Agriculture. Both are important to help nurture future leaders who are able to meet new and current challenges to our quality of life. The fact that our state has both sets of standards catapulted PA into a national leadership role. Now the Environment, Ecology and Agriculture standards are in jeopardy.

The state Board of Education has signaled they are considering discarding the current Environment, Ecology and Agriculture Education Standards in K-12 education by calling for public comment on eliminating those standards in a June 5 notice.

The best possible future for Pennsylvania includes well managed natural resources and more acres of farmland that help keep our water and air clean, and act as solutions to climate change. Well managed farms could act as carbon sinks and improve soil and water quality by planting cover crops, using rotational grazing and planting stream buffers. Healthy forests and natural lands also help store carbon and improve air and water quality. In order to build a healthy future our leaders must have the knowledge, skills, and passion to safeguard our environment and well being.

Let the State Board of Education know we want Pennsylvania to continue our role as a national leader by preparing our students to tackle tough issues head on.  Comments can be sent to Karen Molchanow, Executive Director, State Board of Education, 333 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA 17126 or by email to: by July 5th

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